I literally grew up on the shores of America’s oldest public beach. Raised by a flock of seagulls, I developed a taste for raw mussels and stale french fries. I would spend my days perched on the wall and would soak up the warmth of the summer sun, listening to the sound of the surf pounding the shore. It was a great childhood. Every day was a beach day.

At LIFE AT THE BEACH BRAND, we choose to treat every day —  "real life" —  like a beach day. Picture the morning you wake up at your favorite beach spot. The day stretches ahead...maybe on your to-do list: put on sunscreen, read a book, take a swim, have a leisurely lunch, collect shells, marvel at the sunset, have a drink or two, eat some tasty seafood, and go to bed. Or maybe it's boogie boarding with your kids, playing beach frisbee with your dog, snorkeling, and shopping. Next day: repeat!

It doesn’t matter what you do, or don’t do. What matters is the feeling of being free, happy, and relaxed — of being yourself.

LIFE AT THE BEACH BRAND offers bright and bold beach tote bags and accessories (to come) to making every day feel like a beach day.  Thanks for stopping by.